I started my career in IT as a developer with Visual Basic, C# and ASP working with SQL Server backends. For the last 15 years though I’ve focused on the SQL Server side of things.

Currently I’m working for a leading software vendor for the financial industry as a Data Architect. If I have a speciality it is in making things run faster.

As part of that role I do a lot of training in aspects of SQL Server. That goes from introducing newbies to SQL up to teaching our senior devs more advanced topics in query tuning. In support of that I do an lot of blogging internally. This site is aimed to share that stuff with the wider world.

This Blog

The topics on this blog range from the very basic to more advanced knowledge. Some of it is information that might exist in a lot of other places already.

My particular aim is to relay information in as clear and as simple a manner as possible. It has been said that if you can’t explain a thing in simple terms then you don’t really understand it – and I am a great believer in that. I also believe that there is no topic, however complex, that can’t be broken up into a series of simple concepts.

I often read other articles that I struggle to understand straight away – if you find that reading this blog then I’d consider that I have failed in my aims, so let me know or ask me questions. My intent is that all the information presented should be as accessible as possible.


This is me. If you’ve enjoyed reading anything here and see me at a conference or other event then please come say Hi.