I’m available for engagements big and small, I have series of specific services I offer as well as being open to general consulting.

SQL Server Emergency (4 hours)

You’ve got a critical situation and SQL Server appears to be the cause or the victim. Usually the CPU is maxing out and/or you’re getting timeouts in your application. You need help now.

Get in touch and subject to availability we’ll jump quickly on a call and start looking directly at the issue. We’ll slot in half a day to get you going again and then can discuss next steps.

These are the sort of incidents I get the most satisfaction dealing with. You’re having a bad day and I want to turn that around for you.

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SQL Server Comprehensive Healthcheck (3 days)

Slightly less critical than the emergency, often this is triggered when you are seeing problems start to occur but you can afford to take a more measured approach in solving them. Or you might just be being proactive and want to make sure there are no issues lurking that are about to bite you.

This will be a comprehensive healthcheck of your SQL Server and I’ll identify the top 5-10 pain points affecting your server that should be addressed. This could include poor performance, incorrect configuration or required maintenance. We’ll go into detail so you understand each issue clearly and what is required to fix them. I’ll provide you with an in-depth action plan you can work through as well as including training resources if required. You can, if you wish, then contract me further to work with you on making the changes required.

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Remote DBA Services

You run SQL Server but you don’t have a DBA in house. You need someone to check health on a regular basis, deal with issues that crop up, as well as manage patching and upgrades where required. We can agree an ongoing schedule for engagement along with flexibility for addressing problems.

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General SQL Server Consultancy

You’ve got a project involving SQL Server and you either don’t have the expertise in house or everyone is busy. I’m ready to work with you to deliver a successful project. Whatever your need, we can discuss how I can help.

Training and Coaching

You’ve got a great team but you want help getting them to the next level. Maybe they want to understand SQL Server performance and troubleshooting in greater detail. Maybe you have the need to implement encryption but want coaching from an expert. We’ll discuss your needs and I’ll put together and deliver a bespoke training plan.

Upgrades and Migrations

You want to upgrade your SQL Server version, or you need to migrate it to new kit or a cloud service. I’m highly experienced in all of these, and have managed migrations to both AWS and Azure. I can work with you through the process to make sure you avoid any pitfalls, have the minimal hitches and the highest availability while you are going through the process.

For any of these services, or if you just want to schedule a quick 30 minute call to discuss how I can help with any problem or issue you are facing, just give me a yell through the contact page and I’ll get right back in touch.