Remote DBA Services

You run SQL Server on premises or in the cloud but you don’t have a DBA in house. You need someone to check health on a regular basis, deal with issues that crop up, as well as manage patching and upgrades where required.

How it Works

Initial Assessment (Usually 2 days)

We’ll start by assessing the state of your servers. I’ll get you to run scripts that will identify missing maintenance, sub-optimal configuration, and lack of alerts, as well as anything else that may be currently troubling your server. I’ll create a detailed plan of action on what needs to be done to bring things up to scratch.

If you want me to perform that activity we’ll discuss how much of my time you’re going to need.

In general it’s not going to be a significant amount of time as this is routine for me and I have scripts that will set most items up with minimal effort.

Setting Everything Up

We’ll get your SQL Server configured correctly and (if required) set up a maintenance solution to handle backups, corruption checks, as well as index and statistics optimization. I use the SQL Server Maintenance Solution by Ola Hallengren that is regarded as the industry standard.

We’ll make sure alerts are set up so we know if anything goes wrong, and we can discuss whether you also want me to be alerted directly in case of problems, or whether you will contact me as needed.

Ongoing Support

You can then buy a “bucket” of hours of my time. That means I will be available on an ongoing basis to deal with problems or questions as they crop up. I’ll also let you know if there are patches that should be applied to your SQL Server and we can discuss performing the upgrades as that occurs.

You can buy a minimum of 10 hours, and any hours bought will be valid for use for 12 months. As I work on any items I’ll let you approximately how much time is required, and then once a piece of work is complete I’ll let know how much time has been consumed and how much you have left.

You can buy a larger number of hours and I offer a 10% discount for anything over 20 hours and a 20% discount for anything over 40 hours.

Getting Started

Get in touch today to arrange a free 30 minute call where we can discuss how I can help and you can ask any questions you have about the service.


The table below shows my pricing structure.

Time periodUK PoundsUS DollarsEuros
1 hour87106100
1 day650791750
10 hour bucket8671,0551,000
20 hour bucket1,5601,8981,800
40 hour bucket2,7753,3763,200