My SQL Server Encryption book has just been published!

It’s been a long journey, but I got the email from Apress yesterday to say that my book “Pro Encryption is SQL Server 2022” has now been published.

You can buy a copy at a massively reduced introductory price (nearly 80% off) through the following link:

If I’ve acheived my aims then this is the most comprehensive resource out there covering the tools available in SQL Server for encrypting your data. I hope to supplement it with a video course covering the same topics sometime in early 2023.

The book covers the following topics:

Part I: “Understanding the Landscape”
Discusses what we are hoping to achieve through encryption and why. We then look in brief at the tools available and how they should fit into your overall strategy.

Part II: At-Rest Encryption
Here we look at the tools you can use to encrypt your data where it is stored on the disk. We take a deep dive into Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) as well as covering the separate Backup Encryption feature.

Part III: Column Encryption Using Always Encrypted
This part is a comprehensive look at the Always Encrypted feature, introduced in SQL Server 2016, that allows you to encrypt your columns of data with the maximum level of security and the minimum amount of application rework.

Part IV: Column Encryption Using Always Encrypted with Enclaves
Having looked at the “basic” version of Always Encrypted, we now take an in-depth look at how the version with enclaves differs and how you work with it.

Part V: Completing the Picture
In addition to the big features like TDE and Always Encrypted, there are other items that should be included in a comprehensive encryption strategy such as TLS and EKM. We cover those in this part as well as looking at other methods that are available for encrypting data.

In the appendixes I look at how encryption differs (or not) if you are running on a cloud platform as well as exploring encryption algorithms in a little more depth.

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6 thoughts on “My SQL Server Encryption book has just been published!

  1. I was just going to buy it and noticed there was no discount. Oh well, maybe your next one. This was actually seemed like something that I could have but my teeth into.
    Let me know when it goes on sale please.

    1. Yes, unforunately it took a while for the post to be syndicated on SQL Server Central by which time the discount had gone. If you follow me on my blog or twitter (@MattMcGiffen) then you’ll get any update immediately.

  2. I just want to congratulate and say thank you for this book. So far I read only parts I-II (4 times!), but I can already agree that it is truly the most comprehensive resource out there, covering the tools available in SQL Server for encrypting your data. For example, official Microsoft sources (or any other blog/forum I read about TDE) do not mention or mention but not in so great details: 1. DPAPI and that is should be secured too 2. How to benchmark TDE performance and it’s impact 3. Recovering a TDE database without the certificate.
    I strongly encourage anyone, thinking to implement any encryption solution, to get and read this book. It is worth the time and money.

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