SQL Server Backup Encryption and Compression

In SQL Server you can also compress your encrypted backups. Unlike TDE this has been possible with Backup Encryption since the feature was first made available, and there have been no issues that have required fixing – though as always you should still test that restores work correctly. As mentioned in my post about compression with TDE, compressing backups has benefits not just in terms of file size but potentially also in reduced backup times as the time taken to write to disk is smaller.

Compressing an encrypted backup is the same as compressing a regular backup; you just need to specify WITH COMPRESSION as shown in the following SQL:

BACKUP DATABASE TestBackupEncryption
TO DISK = 'C:\Test\TestBackupEncryption_EncryptedAndCompressed.bak'

We can run a quick test to see how compression performs against the same functionality with an unencrypted backup taken by executing this backup command:

BACKUP DATABASE TestBackupEncryption
TO DISK = 'C:\Test\TestBackupEncryption_UnencryptedAndCompressed.bak'

In this image we can see both backups:

Both backups are a fairly similar size. The encrypted one seems to be very slightly bigger, and I’d say this is the pattern I usually see, not enough that we are likely to be bothered with it. Compression is usually just as effective with encrypted backups as with unencrypted.

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